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Kevin Hoffman

Photographer Kevin Hoffman spent his boyhood exploring the waters and the shoreline of Southern New Jersey. This region of surf and sand which he knows so well is now his second home.

As a young adult, Hoffman pursued another passion - photography - and quickly established a reputation as a skilled and insightful photojournalist able to capture the drama of the moment with both flair and compassion.

In launching Land 'n' Sea Photography, Hoffman has combined his talent as a respected award-winning photographer with his long-time love of the shore and the ocean, offering to his clients his ability to preserve forever those unexpected and spontaneous moments when memories are made.

On the water, on the beach, on the playing field, Kevin Hoffman captures the action, the color, the emotion. From his coveted marine photography, which showcases vessels with unparalleled elegance, to youth sports collages that vault every kid to stardom, from the on-deck excitement of landing a trophy catch to his beautiful ocean vistas that rival fine art, Hoffman consistently demonstrates his photographic versatility and genius.

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Phone: 610.587.2270